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Mon, 28 Mar 2016 14:40:39 +0000 Buy Phentermine Capsules Online]]> Apple’s Buy Phentermine 37.5 Online Cheap is still a long way from its release but there is no shortage when it comes to rumors about the new iPhone. We’ve sifted through the rumors and created this concise but jam-packed guide to tell you everything you need to know about the phone. Maybe you’re stuck between choosing the Galaxy S7 and the iPhone. We hope this guide will help make the purchase or wait until September when the iPhone 7 is released.


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If Apple sticks to tradition and the usual schedule, it is likely that the iPhone 7 will be released on September 2016. But then we also have to consider some rumors from apparently a reliable source that Apple may veer off from the usual this year. There’s a chance that we might see the iPhone 7 earlier than September, which if true is good news for all iPhone fans.


When it comes to the price tag, you can expect that iPhone 7 will come at a cost. We’re talking about Apple and iPhone after all. There are no rumors yet about the phone’s cost but if Apple follows the usual pattern, the phone may cost at least £539 upwards.


When it comes to design, the iPhone 7 is set to feature a lot of changes. From the rumors and leaks that we’ve gathered, it is likely that the iPhone 7 may be slimmer than the iPhone 6S. The phone is also believed to sport a sleeker, all-metal design. According to another reliable source, Apple may make the next Buy Genuine Phentermine Online Uk and dust-resistant, which means an iPhone built to last.


If sources were right and the rumors are on point, we can expect iPhone 7 to boasts a significant improvement in terms of screen resolution. Not that the iPhone 6S was bad, it was just not at par with what the rivals were offering. To keep up with the competition, Apple may adapt the glass-on-glass screen, which means that it’s very possible we’ll see an iPhone with 4K display.


Last year’s iPhone sported significant improvements on its camera. Instead of the 8MP camera, the iPhone 6S sported an all-new 12MP rear camera while the front camera also enjoyed a boost of up to 5MP. Apple, it looks like, will be sticking with the same set of camera features for the iPhone 7. There will be a tweaks maybe like optical image stabilization but the rumors are vague on this area yet.


As or the battery, we’ll just have to wait and see in the coming weeks and months. There are no details whether the new iPhone 7 will have improvements on its camera. But considering that many were disappointed with iPhone 6S’s battery, Apple may step up its battery game this time around. Again, we’ll just have to wait and see for more details to pop up as the rumored launch date approaches.



There are rumors that the iPhone 7 will feature the A10 chip for its processor. If true that iPhone users are in for a significant performance boost. When it comes to RAM, Apple is likely to stick with 2GB just like the iPhone 6S.



Rumors are scarce when it pertains to the upcoming Apple OS. Some believed that Apple may be unveiling iOS 10 along with the launch of the iPhone 7. If that’s the case then Apple users really have a lot to look forward to this year. As for the details of what the iOS 10 will feature, the rumors are few and the whispers not loud enough.


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