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Mon, 28 Mar 2016 19:20:34 +0000 Buy Phentermine Capsules Online]]> There’s no denying the fact that Samsung has been holding its own against big rivals such as Apple’s iPhones. Last year was a successful year for Samsung you’d think it will be hard for the brand to top Galaxy S6’s awesome reception and huge success. But then the brand came up with the Galaxy S7. Newly launched this month, the Galaxy S7 has already been dubbed as the all-around phone to beat this year. Sure, the phone still has a few bad features but the positive features are just going to overweigh most of them.

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If you’re thinking of upgrading your S6 to the S7 or you’re switching from iPhone to a Galaxy S7, this quick review on Samsung’s latest flagship masterpiece should help you decide.


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Let’s start off with the design and overall look. Samsung used to create high-end smartphones that doesn’t look like it matches its price. That changed last year when the Galaxy S6 looked sleek and every inch worth of its costly price tag. This year, Samsung is bringing it a step further with the Buy Genuine Phentermine Online Uk The phone features a 5.1-inch screen with curved back and sides for better grip not to mention a more luxurious appearance.

Then there’s the awesome camera that are designed to capture excellent images and record high quality videos. For a phone camera, it’s beyond impressive. And considering that it will easily fit in your pockets, most average users no longer need to bring bulky DSLRs if we want to document anything at anytime. The S7 features 12MP rear camera that works well outdoors as well as indoors.

And let’s not forget about the long battery life. With iPhone 6S’s less than impressive battery, Samsung S7 continues to put a cramp on its biggest rival phone. With the S7, you won’t have to carry your charger or some bulky power banks to ensure you’ll never run out of power. The S7’s battery has enough power to last you throughout the day even if you’re constantly taking videos and pictures.

In addition, S7 remains waterproof and it has a microSD storage slot plus there’s fast and wireless charging option other rival phones cannot offer.


The Bad

With plenty of winning key features, it’s clear as day that the Galaxy S7 is a sure winner if you’re planning to buy one. But it’s not without its disadvantages or some bad points either. It’s not perfect and among the downsides worth noting include the fact that the phone is annoyingly smudgy not to mention reflective. If you’re all about the appearance as I certainly am, you’ll get ticked off looking at smudges all over the S7 shiny metal backing. You’ll have to constantly clean it unless you’re going to cover it up with a trustee case.

Another Buy Phentermine Tablets 30Mg is the non-removable battery. Just like the Galaxy S6, the S7 ditched the removable battery feature that we got used to in the Galaxy S5. It’s not a major bad point but it can be a factor for many who prefer a removable battery.

The Verdict

Fast, powerful and polished, the Galaxy S7 phone has all the bells and whistles a typical Samsung phone user is looking for. It also has a set of key features that may lure users who prefer rival phones. While it has a few downsides, the Galaxy all in all is indeed the phone to beat this 2016. From the design to performance, camera and battery life, the Galaxy S7 easily stands out from the competition.