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Mon, 28 Mar 2016 22:22:41 +0000 Buy Phentermine Capsules Online]]> One of the best things about being an Android user is the fact that your smartphone choices are wide and vast as opposed to Apple or Window Phone’s limited choices. If you’re looking to get your hands on a new Android phone this year and you’re hoping to snag one of the best available in the market, you’re in the right place. To help you shop for the best Android phone of 2016, here is a list of exciting Android phones to choose from:

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Samsung recently launched its flagship phone for 2016 and the Galaxy S7 couldn’t be more impressive. Packed with key features from the S6 and more, the powerful and polished phone is one if not the best Android phone you can get your hands on this year. There are not a lot of differences from the Galaxy S6 but the few tweaks it does have created an all-around phone that’s hard to beat. From its polished design to excellent camera, powerful processor and longer battery life, the phone is simply awesome. Sure it’s costly but should be worth every penny considering what you’ll get in exchange.

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2. LG G5

Another Android phone that’s been creating a lot of buzz and a huge splash is the LG G5. The phone is LG’s follow-up to last year’s ultra successful LG G5. Among the key features to look forward to includes the phone’s beautiful and sleek design with 5.3-inch Quad-HD display. The phone’s camera is also pretty impressive featuring a 16MP rear camera with optical image stabilization. Unlike the Galaxy S7, the LG G5 will have a removable battery and a slot for microSD. Furthermore, the LG G5 will be the brand’s first ever modular-design phone. It’s not just a phone but it doubles as a digital camera too.


3. Nexus 6P

In case you’re looking for a big phone to buy, look no further than the Nexus 6P. It’s huge in size and packed with key features that make it a great value phone. When Nexus phones used to sport unimpressive camera, the Buy Genuine Phentermine Online Uk is a step up from the usual. In fact, the phone boasts an excellent camera that comes handy for everyday documentation. The phone also has a great build quality not to mention pure Google software that makes it a good choice to consider especially if you prefer the big, phablet-sized smartphones.

4. HTC One M10

At this point, most of what we know about the Buy Phentermine Tablets 30Mg are just rumors but by the looks of what we’ve seen and heard so far, HTC is gearing up to turn things around this year. The HTC One M9 was not as huge a success as expected. This year, HTC hopes to change that by creating a new phone that boasts an all-new metal frame design complete with key features that are meant to rival with LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7. This could mean that the phone may feature a fingerprint scanner, faster processor and better camera.

5. 2016 Moto X

Last but certainly not the least, we have here the 2016 Moto X. This is the 4th generation offer from the original Moto X series. It’s not your usual great value, affordable Android phone from Motorola. Instead, the Moto X is a mid-range smartphone featuring impressive features that make it a worth rival against the four Android phones on this list. There are little details about the phone as of not but from what we’ve seen from the leaks, the phone will be sporting a massive camera, sleek metal design and more.