6 Best New Phones to Check Out This 2016

There are plenty of smartphones released each year but there is a handful of phones that are actually worth waiting for. Take for instance Apple’s series of iPhones. It can’t be denied that iPhone 6 made a splash when it was released a few years back but I was not among the multitudes that eagerly waited to buy it. Instead, I waited for the follow-up, the iPhone 6S, which is bound to be better than the previous year’s iPhone release. And of course, I was right and on point. To save you the trouble, we’ve created this list so you know which phones to check out this 2016.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung’s latest flagship phone has already launched and has been making waves in the mobile phone market. With a set of interesting features and key enhancements, Samsung users no longer need to think twice. Upgrading from the S6 to the S7 seems inevitable. Among the key features to look forward with the S7 are the QUAD-HD SuperAMOLED screen, always-on feature, 4GB RAM and the generous 32GB storage.



Apple iPhone 5Se

Apple is not only releasing that much talked about iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus this year but it also looks like the giant manufacturer will release a follow up on the iPhone 5s. The rumors are few but from what we’ve gathered so far, the phone will be called the iPhone 5se and it will feature a 4-inch screen just like the 5S with retina display, 1GB RAM and A9 processor.

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Apple iPhone 7

If you’re like most people and you can’t wait for the iPhone 7s to come out next year, you can take a look at Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The phone will be sporting a lot of changes from its predecessor starting with the all new D-jack headphone jack, eSIM and waterproofing features. And of course, the phone is set to be faster with its A10 processor and 2GB RAM.

HTC One M10

There’s no confirmation just yet but the rumor mill has revealed that HTC may be following up the HTC One A9 released last year with an HTC One M10. If true then HTC users have a lot to be excited about. Provided that HTC pursues much needed changes to their smartphone especially with the screen, the brand may potentially offer its rival a phone that will make you look and think twice.



LG is on a roll. After enjoying quite a success with the LG G4, the brand is gearing up to release an upgrade and a worthy follow-up in the form of the LG G5. The phone will be the brand’s first ever modular-design mobile phone. Not only is it a smartphone but it can also transform into a digital camera or Hi-Fi player. With features such as the always-on screen, 4GB RAM, generous 32GB storage, the phone is bound to win over more customers as it hits the market this 206.

OnePlus 3

OnePlus had a good year last year considering the successes of both the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X. While there are little details about OnePlus’s upcoming phone for 2016, people are already excited for what the underdog brand has planned behind its doors. So far, what we do know is that the phone will be likely called the OnePlus 3 and it will feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip and 1080 full-HD screen. But more importantly, that phone will continue the route the brand is taking.OnePlus 3 will be another great value phone with high-end smartphone specifications.